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After many dogs with various skin issues and losing many dogs to cancer over the years despite the best food and veterinary care we decided to change the next most common things in contact with dogs on a regular basis, grooming products. We worked together to research and test natural ingredients to create this top grooming product line for dogs. The most important breakthrough is that these products have removed or reduced harmful ingredients such as those linked to cancer.


Frustrated with the chemicals used in pet bathing products and always using different products for different dogs with various skin issues and hair types we set out to develop a one product system that could be used on the most sensitive of skin in all breeds and hair coats to help ease and relieve skin irritations and help repair and strengthen hair from irritants, repeated styling, and grooming.  The result, a premium natural, organic, and eco-friendly product used on top winning show dogs.


As loving pet owners, we know you want to clean your pets with the healthiest, safest, most nourishing products you can find. That’s why we created this line of premium pet products.  These formulas care for hair and skin suffering from chronic dryness and irritation due to skin conditions, and repeated styling.  Using a blend of able(not just listed) ingredients, these super rich formulas penetrate deep to the hair core repairing and quenching damaged hair and soothing the skin offering relief, superior strength, and radiance.

To further the quality of life for our pets, The Barker is committed to helping pets and proudly donates a portion of its profits to canine cancer treatment and research.


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The Barker uses premium natural ingredients with high percentages of beneficial organic extracts; avoiding or reducing harmful ingredients.


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The Barker's Premium Pet Shampoo and Conditioner is uniquely engineered to be ultra hydrating and nourishing for all coats and skin types.


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